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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Additional Blogs

The following blogs have been added to the Georgia Blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind: – I love the header at this blog……just go look at it. Marcus states, “Our world is hungry for better public speakers. Being a good speaker never goes out of style. The movers and shakers in our world are all incredible speakers.” Head on over and check out the services he offers to help get you in that select group of people. Check out his interview with speaker and management consultant, Joe Cooke.

The Frisbee Report – The author of this blog, Michael Frisbee, is the Douglas County Chairman for the Constitution Party of Georgia. This blog provides Conservative Constitutional insights on today’s American government and those that govern her, as well as, the policies that they foist upon us. A recent post advises Paul is not a sore loser---He's just trying to wake America up!

My Vine Spot – You won’t be able to find this blog listed in the Georgia blogroll because this blogger hails from Virginia, however, you will be able to find his link within my blogroll for friends of Georgia. I found this site through some research I was doing and since I like wine, well…..I stayed around and read a bit. Seems this blog’s author’s mother lives in our fair state and he visits here in the land of plenty from time to time. Check out this post where Dezel shares how he attended the 20th Herndon Labor Day Jazz & Wine Festival in Virginia. Great food, great wine, and great jazz. What a combo!

If you are a Georgia blogger and would like for me to link to you please email me at .

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