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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering September 11th

When you visit Arlington National Cemetery and have a goal in mind of visiting the Kennedy graves and Arlington House you don't really realize how much of a climb the trek is. It starts off rather innocently and after you get to the Kennedy grave site you realize you are hiking up, up, up. I knew that from Arlington House I would be afforded great views of Washington D.C., however, when I turned to the right I was so surprised to see the Pentagon in my camera's viewfinder. Of course, it made sense when I thought about it. I made sure I snapped a view of the Pentagon as it is seen from the very pinnacle of the Arlington property.

I wanted to share this image with you today because when we remember September 11th we tend to head off to New York instantly.......The Pentagon is a site of remembrance on Patriot's Day as well.

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