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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More New Blogs

Here are a few new blogs I’ve added to the blogroll:

The Bees Knees Daily…..Wow!  I’m loving this site.  The Queen Bee states, “My blog is mainly transcriptions of old Georgia newspapers that include marriages, obituaries, society columns, property sales, etc.  Since I'm a history buff, I also like to add news articles related to American presidents, arts & entertainment and history in general.  I'm a member of Gene bloggers and add genealogy related posts several times a week as well.  Most of my ancestors lived in Georgia and can be traced back to the early 1800s.”    I’d like to add that many of her interesting postings involve items and pictures from her own family.    A great historical find!

Atlanta SKYriseblog…..The tagline states Atlanta’s Luxury Condo blog.    This site has wonderful images and a little information about many of Atlanta’s best downtown addresses presented by realtor, Kevin Grieco.  He considers himself a lifestyle consultant and states his job is to fully understand his clients’ needs and then help them create the environment they are looking for via in-depth consultations, maintaining accurate and current market statistics, creating proprietary research, and collaborating with other luxury lifestyle professionals.    I’m just thrilled I get to see a little of these fantastic places to live, and will bookmark a few, so that I know where I’m going when I make that first blog-million!

La Dulce Vida - The Sweet Life…..Our host at this site…Adriana Iris… states her interests are as diverse as her, painting, sewing, cooking, music, writing, flamenco, gardening, yoga, poetry…..trying to treat every day as a new adventure and holiday.  As I was reading her “about” page one thing struck a chord with me.  She says, “I use too many of (…) and make no apologies.”     LOL...I do too!  It just happens, and I can’t stop it.  It’s nice to know I have a partner in crime.

The Bishop House….Okay, at first click-through you will exclaim, “This isn’t even an active blog.”   Yes, I know.  It hasn’t been updated in a while, but the site is written by W. Jeff Bishop who has served as president of the Georgia chapter for the Trail of Tears Association.   This site is also a portal to some of his other sites.   If you are into history this link might be of interest to you.

Atlanta Historical Tidbits….interesting images, lots of genealogy links.  This site is owned by Jeanette McDonald…..Over the last few years she’s probably traced over 100,000 names, she states she is so familiar with the early colonists that she can just about open a discussion about any ancestor in the Southeast region.  She’s behind the wonderful Georgia Pioneers web site/resource.

The Society for Georgia Archeology…, it’s not a blog, but it is a new addition around here under my resource header.

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Unknown said...

How nice to have a community of Georgia bloggers. La Dulce Vida - The Sweet Life is already one of my favorites.

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