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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bobby's Botanical Walk

Without question Robert Tyre Jones, Jr.....Bobby his many fans was the first and only person to win the Grand Slam of golf in one year.  Add in the fact he designed the Augusta National Golf Course where the Master's Tournament has been held since 1934 and you realize his importance to our state.  

But maybe golf isn't your thing...maybe the history of the land where Augusta National is today does matter to you.  (For a brush up course you can read my article here......)

Did I mention Bobby Jones was a native Atlantan?

...and besides Gone With the Wind's Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones' grave at Oakland Cemetery is one of the most visited graves.  In fact, back in April when the Mister and I ventured to Oakland for the afternoon there were four others besides my husband wandering about trying to find the resting spot for one of golf's greatest players.

An information brochure I picked up at the cemetery's gift shop advised people from all over the world travel to Atlanta to visit his grave...the modest marker is adorned with golf balls and tees left by visitors as tokens of remembrance......and yes, the Mister.....and avid golf player....left his own remembrance. 

Considering the history of Augusta National where the land was once used as a nursery and the fact that Oakland Cemetery is park-like botanical garden I find it very fitting that in 1994 Mr. Jones’ family helped fund a botanical installation at Oakland.  

When you visit look for the markers along the walks approaching Bobby Jones' grave.  You will be able to find 18 different markers detailing 18 different trees, shrubs, and specimen plants.  These plants are found at each of the holes at Augusta National Golf Course.

I think it's a wonderful tie-in to Mr. Jones, the golf course, and the cemetery.   Information from Oakland Cemetery states.....Roses, perennials, and ground covers have been added, along with botanical identification markers for each.  Additional funds from the family provide annual private maintenance in the area.

Here is a list of each of the 18 markers with links to the botanical information.

13. Azalea

14. Chinese Fir

17. Nandina

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