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Monday, August 27, 2012

Yes! Even You Can Become a Star!!!

The closest I ever came to being a star of stage and screen happened when I was nine or ten.   A friend of mine....Jeff Hightower...who I went to church with invited me along with another friend to WAGA-TV.....the forerunner of Fox Five be on the Mr. Pix Show, a popular children's show.

Back then kids dressed up to do something like that.  Jeff wore one of his spiffiest bow ties and Sunday-Go-to-Meeting jackets plus he had his crew cut standing at full attention.

I wore my favorite outfit at the time....a floral print shirt dress that had a matching hot pink knit overcoat that resembled a cape because while it had openings for my arms it also had one solitary button at the neck.  If I walked really fast and swishy the tail of the jacket/cape billowed out behind me was the perfect dress to be wearing if I was to be "discovered."

If I remember correctly we were able to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the audience scenes when the episode finally aired, but I don't remember any of us getting to participate in any of the games, etc.

I guess we didn't have "it" whatever "it" happened to be.

These days, however, it's really easy to find yourself in a movie  or television show being filmed in the Atlanta area.    It seems something is going on all the time.

Not too long ago the Mister and I went to see the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Nah...I'm not pregnant....very far from it, but a friend of mine....Jeff Pike.....was in the movie along with his band.....the very popular A1A.    

I was amazed at how great the city of Atlanta looked in the movie.  The article at this link has the tag line "relatable story with gorgeous scenery" and I would have to agree.

The movie makes Atlanta look fantastic!

Scenes were filmed at Piedmont Park, Inman Park, Little Five Points and the Georgia Aquarium.  Smith's Olde Bar was featured along with Fulton County Airport at Charlie Brown Field.   Atlanta's Food Truck scene was given a prominent role, too.

It's fairly easy to keep up with all the television shows and movies being filmed in Atlanta and across the state as well.   You can keep up with the happenings "in the biz" by reading Radio and TV Talk with Rodney Ho. and most certainly check out the Casting Couch from DAVE-FM.

Another great source is On Location Vacations and it might be helpful to check out How to Become a Movie Extra in Atlanta.

Let me know if you land a role!!! 

As for me........I'm still waiting for my close up......

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