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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Check Out Our Snowman!

A nice lazy, snowed in Saturday…..a good time was had by all. I sat in my chair and did all sorts of “webby things” on the computer. Dear Hubby watched movie after movie on his new high-definition surround sound television and made us Jambalaya for dinner. Tomorrow it will be football, football, and more football. Dear Daughter and friend created the wonderful snowman you see in the picture here.

Isn’t Frosty great? Not bad for two teenage girls who have only had real snow in their yards three or four times since birth.

Folks above the Mason-Dixon Line like to poke fun of us Southern types when we get ice and snow. Yes, we all run to the store when ice is in the forecast. Yes, schools shut down and folks stay home from church. Heck, ten people from our church called today to let us know church had been cancelled.

Apparently Jesus doesn’t drive too well in the snow and neither do Georgians. We just don’t get enough practice. It is a real safety issue in these parts when black ice forms on the roads.

You can read more about the Snowy South here, here, and 943 closings and delays in the Atlanta area are being reported


dot said...

That's a cute little snow man! Our church has been canceled also so we'll just stay inside and wait for things to melt.

DarylE said...

You, Georgians, are not alone when it comes to driving poorly in snowy or icy conditions, New Yawkers also have this 'gene' missing.. so far we've not had enough (cannot believe I am saying those words!) snow to build a snowman of any size .. at least not in Manhattan

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