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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finally! Georgia Blog Categories

Several weeks ago I advised I wanted to keep the very long blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind intact, but I also wanted to provide category links so people could locate the blogs that appealed to them. Currently if someone Googles “Georgia Blogs”, Georgia on My Mind is the third entry. By categorizing the blogs listed here it will be just that much easier for someone to discover your site.

Many of you emailed me and advised your choice in categories, and I still have that information. If you haven’t emailed me please do so. Check out the post here where I advise the categories I plan to use. I will try to place each site in a least two categories. If I place your blog in a category you don’t feel really fits your site please let me know…we can make changes.

Each category will be presented in a separate post, and then the post will have a link in the sidebar. As new blogs are added I will also edit and add to the category postings.

The first category I’m posting is “creative arts”. Look for additional categories in the coming days.

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