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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Hey, Don't Forget About the Carnival!

Well the peach was dropped, corks were popped, and a few Advil were taken this morning. After a very lazy and quiet morning lolling over sausage biscuits and gravy Dear Hubby has roused enough to get the black-eyed peas on to cook and football has set up shop on our television.

I have braced myself for a long, long football day. I plan to entertain myself by wading through several old e-mails (why do I allow them to build up?) and making myself a blog to-do list for things I need to clean up, clear up, or just plain fix.

I also need to work on the upcoming Georgia Blog Carnival which will post here sometime Friday. Submissions can be sent to or use the submission form here.

The carnival will be celebrating its one year anniversary and your submissions and links are appreciated very much. Many carnivals don’t last six months let alone a year. I’m very grateful to Georgia bloggers who have welcomed the carnival and participated in edition after edition.

Happy New Year! May you realize all of your hopes and dreams in 2008.

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