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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Slew of of New Additions to the Blogroll

I generally try to limit the number of Georgia blogs I add to the blogroll each week to a small number mainly due to time and mainly to introduce each new blog in a proper way, however, this week I located several great and varied sites and can't help myself.


Jackie K. Cooper – Book reviews, movie reviews, and more….His site states “he is familiar to people living in the middle Georgia area as the "entertainment man" since his entertainment reviews run in newspapers and are shown on television there. His short stories have been used as commentary on Georgia Public Radio. He also keeps active appearing as an after dinner speaker for various events.”

Georgia Youth and High School Sports News Blog – Guess what this one is about……:)

Douglas Taxes – the Douglas County Taxpayers Coalition has its own blog….

Demented Dispatches From the Deep South – Blanche Debris tells it like she sees it one post at time.

Georgia Mom – There’s more to the title…….a native born Georgian ( I thought I was just about the only one) who likes to write about her faith, marriage, parenting, her family, semi-homeschooling, laughter, and all the joys of growing up southern.

Girl in Georgia – she writes about crafty things and her family…..great images

Rundoodle – Running, art, and living….

Inside the Perimeter – Paulie writes about his life. His chosen setting? Inside the perimeter.

Miltonville – The new Fulton town, Milton, is just a hop, skip, and a jump sort of from my father’s property off East Cherokee Drive in Cherokee County, and I used to haunt some of those roads around Milton some years ago especially around the Birmingham community. I was pleased when the author of Miltonville contacted me. It’s a lovely site with lots of pictures and information about a beautiful section of north Fulton County.

Andrea's Thoughts of the Day – Andrea has thoughts every day and just as many pictures. Go trade some thoughts with her!

Blessings in the South – life in the South on a pecan farm and the recognition of God in all of it

Corridors – life in Cobb County and a little history as well.

Country Charm – A minister’s wife shares her life, her wisdom, and lots of other things

Wayfarers Journey – a photo blog by a guy wondring why, what, and if only…

The last four sites are all connected to the same author and are just wonderful reads:

Mary Zelda – This blog is wonderful way to preserve family and local history. It’s very creative. The site states, “A story of a rural southern family as recollected by a child who wasn’t even born for the first 37 years and related in the voice of Mary, who was there……this is the fictional account from the first half of the 20th century illustrated by actual photos.”

Chronicles of a Dotty Grandmother – I think all of our grandmothers have been “dotty” at one time or another but this blog’s author say the name also came from an item description on a credit card receipt…..She bought a pair of “dotty pants” which happened to be pajama bottoms.

Secrets of a Seed Scatterer – All about seeds, bulbs, and cuttings

Foxes Earth – From the site because Jean explains her site much better than I can….”Foxes Earth lies deep in Southwest Georgia. A real place, clouded in the mists of imagination. At the center of the universe, caught up in her own world of words, seeds and butterflies, Jean blogs about ideas, things and people, not necessarily in that order. A great-grandmother, she sees little need for a detailed account of her former lifework in libraries, hospitals, flower shops and the homes of other people. Her favorite humor form is the pun.

The blogosphere is an ever growing wide spot along the information highway. If I haven't added your blog please let me know by emailing me at and I'll put you in the next round of additions.

Just a reminder: The 27th Georgia Blog Carnival is open for your enjoyment over at Georgia Politics Unfilitered.


Andrea said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your Georgia Blogroll.

Your blog looks so interesting. I will come back regular to visit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. ;)

EHT said...

You are very welcome Andrea and Girl in Georgia. I love collecting Georgia blogs.

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