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Friday, February 2, 2007

The Georgia Carnival-Edition Three

Here is the third edition of the Georgia Carnival. It’s only a few hours late. I thought I might get a little creative this time and arrange the posts by theme, however, since it is already late I’m simply posting.

As you visit some of the posts this time remember to leave a comment to let the author know you’ve visited. Feel free to link to the carnival and let your readers know about it.

So without further introduction….

Splitcat Chintzibobs recalls memories of being an outsider, making a stand, and making a truce with memories in his post Leave Him Alone, Frog!

Otter over Grasping for the Wind reccommends Condensed Knowledge for anyone who enjoys strange and unusual information. He provides the good and the bad regarding an interesting resource.
Fellow fourth grade teacher, Terrell from Alone on a Limb discusses a wonderful book that can hook any student or adult with poetry. Check out Terrell’s post A Poem to Start the Week---Love That Brother!

Professor David Parker of Another History Blog questions if UGA is our nation’s FIRST state university in his post Happy Birthday University of Georgia.

I was quite amused this week over the fuss about the Cartoon Network’s latest advertising campaign. Apparently Grayson from the one and only The Spacey Gracey Review was amused as well. Grayson warns, “Beware “cartoon” figures lurking in society that don’t make themselves obvious. They might scare the little people, and the off-the-gridders, if your’re not careful.” Check out the rest of her post Culture Gap Widened By New Media

Two Georgia bloggers are up for an award. Can you help them out? Paige tells us all about it in her post titled And the Nominees Are.... Congrats to The Avery Lane Experience and Oh The Joys

Apparently the whole Michael Vick water bottle episode has gotten a few people wrangling with the word “thug”. Is it a racial epithet? Dave over at opines here.

I agree with Harriette from South of the Gnat Line….one thing the South doesn’t need is another skeleton in the closet, but looks like there is one. Check out her post titled Y'all-Please Tell Me No!

William Reichart from Provocative Church wonders why the church can’t offer A Couch and a Listening Ear. I agree….why can’t they? Kleenex can.

Genarlow is the newest cause for many of our state lawmakers. Catch up on the newest attempts to free this young man via the Peach Pundit in his post Genarlow Wilson.

So, what’s your definition of family time? The Peach Pulpit weighs in with his post Shortening the School Calendar?

Have you ever seen 436 million dollars? If you drive through downtown Atlanta you see that much and more every day. Check out Stephen’s latest picture at Georgia Photos

So just where was the first pot of Brunswick Stew made? Philip Livingston at Georgia Life has the Georgia connection in his post titled Brunswick Stew.

Oh No! It Might Rain, Sleet, & Freeze! says ET over at Chicken Fat. He entertains us with memories of bits of ice from times gone by. I remember the huge ice storm we had in the early 70s. We missed school for several days. There were many people who were stranded and many people had to resort to taking in strangers.

Does anyone smoke marijuana for the flavor? That’s the question Drifting With the Grift's own Griftdrift asks in most recent post here.

Finally, since Georgia’s own General Beauregard Lee says spring is just around the corner many of us will begin thinking about curb appeal. Landscaping Ideas and Tips offers How to Make Compost
So there you have it…edition two. The next edition will be found at this website on Friday, February 16, 2007. Submissions will be accepted through 6 p.m. eastern time on Thursday, February 15th. Submissions can be emailed to or use the handy submission form here. The prior edition of the carnival can be found here.

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