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Friday, July 20, 2007

Georgia Carnival 14

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Georgia Carnival. Please support these fine Georgia bloggers by letting them know you have visited them with a comment. Your continued support with your links and shout-outs at your site help to alert others to what we Georgia bloggers have to offer.

You can host the carnival at your site! Just let me know you are interested and I will set up a date for you.

Now… on to the highlights of Georgia blogging during the past two weeks:

Genarlow Wilson

Today is the big day. Another hearing for Genarlow…The coverage has been hot and heavy. Billy Merck of The Georgia Law Blog examines the possible defensive arguments, and GriftDrift makes a prediction.

GriftDrift had noticed a marked increase of hits since the banter regarding “the tape” had hit the blogs. I decided to post this to check my site meter. Were people actually sick enough to go looking for the tape? Sadly, they were and are. Of my normal 100 to 150 daily hits at History Is Elementary 20-30 per day have Googled “Wilson Sex Tape”. Why should we be surprised our children act as they do?

HEARING UPDATE: Sara over at Going Through the Motions did an fantastic job of managing to blog the hearing live. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Visit her site later for more as well as GriftDrift who was also at the hearing. Now we wait on a ruling....WSB Radio reported it could be September......:(

Facing the Giants

Sharkbait of Facing the Sharks is doing something many of us only dream about. Facing down the government and corporate America….Bid Rigging at Robbins Air Force Base clues you in to this brave blogger taking on the big guns.

Speaking of citizens having problems with their local government Stacey at Momnesia has an airport complaint.

The Best of Atlanta??????????????????

The Best of the Big A has been announced for 2007 and once again it seems to be a somewhat worthless list. Should chain-style restaurants be considered the best when there are so many stellar eateries in the “Big A”, and when did Atlanta mainstay, the Imperial Fez become an Indian restaurant rather than Moroccan? Blog For Democracy, Audacity, and Creative Loafing's Fresh Loaf weigh in while Meredith Ford attempts to give the AJC's take on the whole matter.

Harry Potter

Take a moment and give Amy your status regarding Harry Potter.

Considerettes is also pondering over the Harry Potter phenomenon as well. Is the Hogwarts series influencing Christian literature?


Why do I love to teach history so much?

Exactly what happens when Shaq and a television camera enter a school and asks the principal to provide nutritional lunches and more exercise time to the kids? The Get Schooled blog for the AJC has some interesting comments.

Yep, she knew it. Thanks to another Georgia blogger 30plus teacher now has proof: Georgia Is Dumbing Down the Test


Moses over at Three Sticks states, “Life if full of challenges that we must overcome. Fear can become a dominate force in our lives if we are not careful. We must overcome fear and take control of our lives in order to create the life we want.” Read Creating Your Life: Part 1-Making Choices

Read about Pastor's Bill's vacation all around North Georgia, and how he learned a lesson that makes a connection between yellow jackets and the church

Elisheva asks Did Moses Write the Pentaeuch?

Life’s Little Thrills

Mmmmmmm....'mater sandwiches anyone?

Over at Oh, the Joys the Mayor's head is all filled up.

Apparently Splitcat Chintzibob’s moment of mercy has led to a new era in human-arachnid relations.

What could be more thrilling than getting a chance to design your own golf shoe? Well, I can think of a few things……but my husband sure was excited about it. In case you missed my earlier post you can view and vote on his design. I guess it would be thrilling if he won……

Michael Vick

Aging Hipster asks, Who let the dogs out?

Chamblee54 gives us a rundown on the radio personality views on Vick. The pictures alone are worth the click through even without his take on things.

Your Money

Tushar provides Save Big on Your Mortgage, Investing in a Traditional IRA, How Much Should Your Monthly Mortgage Be, and one that is near and dear to my heart……For the Frugal Mind: the Cheapest Days to Shop

The next edition of the carnival will be found here two weeks from today. Posts can be sent to or use the handy submission form.

Thanks for supporting the Georgia Carnival!

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