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Monday, July 16, 2007

Yes, More Georgia Blogroll Additions...and Don't Forget Those Carnival Submissions

The next edition of the Georgia Carnival will post on Friday. Submissions are due on Thursday by 6 p.m. You can email your submission to or use the handy submission form.

Here are the newest additions to the Georgia Blogroll:

Facing the Sharks…What happens when a non-lawyer faces off with six corporate lawyers, air force lawyers, corporations, and politicians? Check out this post for Bernita’s perspective on this new edition to the Georgia Blogroll over at Blog for Democracy.

Principal's Office…reviewing the goings-on in education and other topics from the perspective of a principal

Georgia Porkbusters…exposing the pork under the gold dome

Good Will Hinton…a centrist blog where the right and left meet

Political Vine…home of poltical news, satire, rants, and rumors

Redstate….two of the four contributors are from Georgia so…

The Logues….Information, links, and more for backpackers and campers, Georgia history, and so much more. Check out Victoria’s homepage for more information regarding her books.

and here are some Athens centered sites:

The Red and Black…UGA’s student paper

Athens TV….Can you say public access?

Georgia Life and Style…television that’s all about life and how we live it. Go visit and watch!

Athens Banner Herald…lots of local Athens news plus

Flagpole…Athens standard for art, entertainment, music, politics and much, much more

The Get Busy Anthology…a newly graduated college student journal

Robinart…wonderful art

Curator's Corner---Georgia Museum of Art….great museum links, posts, and pictures

Classic Ground….the place for beliefs and premises related to art, cultural literacy, and Notre Dame football

Antidisingenuousmentarianism…the tagline states a blend between Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book and an episode of I Love the 90s or Best Week Ever

Art on My Sleeve…lots of great artwork

Dorene Paul from the Sandusky Library wrote the other day to advise her husband’s family is from Ocilla, Georgia. She noted that they have always shown her delightful southern hospitality. Why, of course they have!

Dorene also advised a great link for Sandusky History. I’ve placed it under “State and Place History” on the blogrolls.

Remember…you don’t have to wait until I find you. If you would like to be included please email me with your url.

Have a great Monday!

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