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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth and Thanks to Lyman, George, and Button

The following is a letter that was sent from the Committee of Safety in Savannah, Georgia to Georgia’s representatives to the Continental Congress---
Button Gwinnett,
Lyman Hall,
and George Walton:

Archibald Bulloch
President, Council of Safety
Savannah, Georgia
April 5, 1776


Our remote situation from both the seat of power and arms, keeps us so very ignorant of the counsels and ultimate designs of the Congress, and of the transactions in the field, that we shall decline giving any particular instructions, other than strongly to recommend it to you that you never lose sight of the peculiar situation of the province you are appointed to represent; The Indians, both south and northwesterly, upon our backs; the fortified town of St. Augustine made a continual rendezvous for soldiers in our very neighborhood; together with our blacks and tories with us; let these weighty truths be the powerful arguments for support. At the time we also recommend it to you, always to keep in view the general utility, remembering that the great and righteous cause in which we are engaged is not provincial, but continental. We, therefore, gentlemen, shall rely upon your patriotism, abilities, firmness, and integrity, to propose, join and concur, in all such measures as you shall think calculated for the common good, and to oppose such as shall appear destructive.

By order of the Congress
Archibald Bulloch, President

Three months later the men who received this letter did their duty and risked their property and very lives by signing the Declaration of Independence representing Georgia.

On this day let us remember those that sacrificed for us so that we have the freedom to blather about, complain about, argue with, as well as applaud our fellow citizens.

Happy Fourth!


Sid Cottingham said...

What a wonderful job you do here and on your other blog. Keep up the good work (I don't know how you do it).

EHT said...

Thank you! I've long been a silent reader of yours.

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