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Friday, December 21, 2007

Go Visit the Georgia Blog Carnival....It's Free!

I’ve been in and out all day today helping Santa to complete his list and when I stopped by the house long enough to drop off packages I was pleased to discover the 25th Georgia Blog Carnival has arrived for your reading pleasure over at Marketing Through the Clutter.

Many thanks to Sandi….She’s done a great job of putting together our online magazine for the Georgia Blogosphere and dubbed me the Georgia Carnival Poobah. I like that since I was a huge fan of the Flintstones for many, many years. Isn’t that what the leader of the Imperial Order of the Water Buffalos was called?

I digress…..After spending too much money today I’m glad I have a weekend activity that’s free. Head on over to carnival and relax for a bit.

Don’t forget to link to the carnival to let your readers know it is up.

I plan to pour me a nice cup of eggnogg and curl up with the laptop later on this evening and enjoy.

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Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

Just Keep doing what you are doing EHT. Great work and service.

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