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Sunday, December 9, 2007

This Week's New Additions

In case you missed it over the weekend the 24th Carnival for Georgia Bloggers is up over at Drifting Through the Grift. Go give the carousel a whirl.....

The following sites have been added to my blogroll of Georgia bloggers here at Georgia on My Mind:

Decatur Metro – from the site Decatur Metro brings you all the latest news from Decatur, Georgia and its surrounding environs every day. While it may not be the city that never sleeps (all those kids have to be get up in time to make an eco-friendly commute to/from school!), there’s always something going on in Decatur. Be it a development controversy or a rockin’ concert at Eddie’s Attic, Decatur Metro will always have the latest scoop. So sit back with a pint of high-gravity beer from the Brick Store, and a plate of fried chicken from Watershed and enjoy the ride!

Common Sense – Jace hails from Woodstock, Georgia and his girlfriend thinks he’s a nerd for getting so excited about blogging. His place is the one for you if you like commentary on life, liberty, and politics in America.

Dunwoody North Civic Association – this blog supports the 1,250 homes in the Dunwoody North subdivision as well as the subdivisions of Andover Estates, Laurelwood Farms, Dunwoody Trails, Brafferton Square, Briars North, The Madisons, and Chestnut Landing. This is a pretty indepth blog regarding issues important to the people living in the subdivisions mentioned. All areas need a forum like this!

Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta – the tagline at this site states, pushing the boundaries of bad taste and political incorrectness. Well, someone has to, don’t they? Lots of opinions on politics and current issues.

Cosmic Persona Designs – From the site, the cosmic archetypal, visionary, mystical, and transpersonal drawings by Jude Cowell

Virus Head – if you like viral themes then this blog is for you…..politics, religion, culture, and daily life

Dixie's Diner – blogging about family, job, and current events

The Sandbox – An Air Force brat and UGA grad now proudly serving his country by attending flight/navigation school at Pensacola Naval Air Station. He hasn’t posted in awhile but who can blame him? He is going to to flight school…..

Stephanie – blogs about her day to day life


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the add and the mention. Very nice of you.

-- Dr. Heidi aka VirusHead

Jude Cowell said...

Hi, another thanks for the add--will return with more time to check out your site links--very interesting blog you have here and some great Georgia photos, too!


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