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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blogroll Additions

The following sites have been added to the blogroll here at Georgia On My Mind:

Thoughtmarker---this site is the result of the author’s addition to art shows, concerts, and the internet.

Kiss Atlanta---music, music, music and events

Hope of Georgia---Homeowners Opposing Power-Line Encroachment

Think About It That’s what the author of this blog wants us to do….Think about it! The author states [the blog] is his feeble effort to counteract the dumbing down of America, brought on by a number of reasons; chief among which is an insidious invention we know as television. Don’t come back here unless you are willing to use your brain for something other than a parking lot for the images and colloquy visited upon you by the electric intruder. Recent posts include the Georgia and Federal debt as well as the gold standard.

The Barkan Dawg---A boy from the swamps of Jersey who got out to become a Redneck in Atlanta

First Light---thoughts on a networked economy

She's a Betty---a blog for women focusing on vintage and DIY fashion, Indie, and budget style

Braves Journal---the title should say it all…..

Quilts and Creativity---a blog by award-winning author and quilt artist Maria Peagler. Her blog serves as her online studio and classroom.


Anonymous said...

You always do a good job of fishing out interesting reads. Thanks

EHT said...

Thanks Steve. I appreciate that. I'm in the process of developing category links for the blogroll so folks can find what they are looking for a little faster while still maintaining the now very long blogroll as well.

Julie Squires said...

Thanks very much for adding "First Light" to the Georgia Blogroll; it's fun to join the conversation. Keep connecting! Best, Julie

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