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Monday, October 29, 2007

Blogroll Additions

Due to many new Georgia Carnival participants either through submissions or through Rusty's great job as host I have many new Georgia bloggers to add to the blogroll here at Georgia On My Mind.

These are just a few. I will be adding more later this week. As always if you are a Georgia blogger I can link to you here, and your submissions to the Georgia Carnival are always a welcome addition.

Pecanne Log-simply said at the site….ladyblogging Atlanta

Welcome to Terminus-An Atlanta Blog-First of all this site has a great name based on its location…Atlanta. Terminus was the an early name for Georgia’s capital city because the railroad line ended there. Welcome to Terminus has interesting news, sports, and things to do in Atlanta

The Augustan-Think Augusta and mix in local, state, and national politics

Softly and Tenderly-need prayer?

A SAHM Journal-Candace stays at home with Anna and writes about their adventures

Hot Flash Report-a blog based in Georgia regarding opinions concerning the wrongs of the Right

Albatross!-a blog written by a self-proclaimed self-taught left-leaning expert on everything

Patchwork Reflections-a patchwork of observations, musings, and reflections from Ellijay

R. Scott Davis, Psy D.–great posts from a licensed clinical psychologist

Miami Phillips...Finding Happiness Now-posts regarding getting the most from relationships and your business life entertaining blog that’s really more than just a blog

A Cup of Coffey-a dazzling act of blogging ventriloquism

Grabbing Sand-a great blog containing views on many different subjects…during the last Georgia Carnival readers were given appropriate telephone numbers to report water violations…a much needed act of citizenry these days.

ExtraFace-lots of great bloggy/techno topics and just looking at all of the things Dave has been involved in makes me tired. Go Dave!

BGB.Com-writer, artist, musician, mathematician, e-media hotshot, blasphemous hater are descriptors this blogger uses to describe himself. He’s got the power….now what?


Susan said...

Thanks for the addition to your Georgia blogroll! There are a lot of Georgia bloggers out there with a lot to say - I will be busy checking them out.

Beth said...

Thanks for adding me. I look forward to clicking through your blogroll and reading other Georgia blogs! said...

Thanks for the add!

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