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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Just a Little Late for the Celebration

Those loud shouts you heard from the western quandrant of Georgia this past Saturday afternoon came from my son and husband as they watched the Georgia-Florida game.

Such excitement!

Even though I’m an educator and I’m supposed to “follow the rules” I greatly admire Coach Richt’s strategy regarding the celebration which the blog, Welcome to Terminus states “Watch this 100 times…it will not get old.”

No, it doesn’t get old.

There’s been many things written and said….Georgia Sports Blog has something here,
a little more here with some links, and even a little more on the celebration thing.

Coach Richt is bombarded with messages to win, win, and win. I’m bombarded with messages to score high, score high, score high. Coach Richt just did what every educator knows has to be done from time to time… have to get out of the box….you have to deviate from the norm…you have to take a risk to motivate. Later, Coach Richt admitted he didn’t really intend for such a gregarious celebration. Many times that occurs in the classroom as well. You give a direction and sometimes unintended things happen. I’m sure if he ever does that again he will word his directions a bit more carefully

There has been some criticism…there may be some copycats in the future, however, there wasn’t a single person harmed by the celebration. No one is going to be maimed for life, and life will continue on as before.

It was a wonderful exciting moment of a team living in the moment.

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