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Monday, May 12, 2008

After the Storm---Divert Your Attention With a Few New Blogs

Wasn’t the early, early morning edition of Mother’s Day a blast? Yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic. Living west of the city as I do my family was up and down all night long as Mother Nature rumbled and roared continuously. By early afternoon we were all exhausted from lack of sleep…..a minor complaint when we were faced with some of the damage in South Fulton county on our trek to Grandma’s yesterday afternoon. A little sleep loss is nothing to complain about when faced with the loss of a home or life.

In case you missed it the latest edition of the Georgia Carnival can be found here,
and below you can find seven more Georgia blogs I’ve added to my blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind. Enjoy!

The Georgia Jukebox, - is an online radio station and blog featuring Georgia music (as well as independent music in general). I can’t wait to have more time to fully explore this Georgia music site.

From Melissa's Desk – Melissa is a homeschooling mom, and has lived in Georgia all of her life.

Mermerings – Mermer is an Atlanta blogger who blogs about design, whether it’s fashion, affordable art, home furnishings, housewares, interior design, or architecture, and local events and places of interest, from festivals to farmers markets, art exhibitions to hour tours, etc.

Reverend Mommy's Random Thoughts – Take one UMC pastor, a citizen of Lawrenceville, a mommy, and stir……you end up with Reverend Mommy

A Snowball's Chance in.... – A Canadian living in the rural south….a brand new mom…a radio geek…go meet Jen

Film Georgia! – The about page states We helped the Bandit outrun Smokey, we fried green tomatoes in a whistlestop cafe and we drove the man who drove Miss Daisy. We taught Vinny’s cousin to eat grits and shared a box of chocolates with a man named Forrest on a shady park bench. The tagline says home of the Film-GA license plate campaign supporting feature film and television production in and around Georgia.

Paul Stamatiou – Paul is a 21 year old Computational Media student at Georgia Tech who loves Silicon Valley, technology, and Apple. This post telling me I need business cards caught my attention, and I’ll be returning to it.

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