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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Few New Things

Here are a few new additions to the blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind:

Couldn't You Just Di? – “Thoughts and feelings” exemplifies what Di’s blog is all about. She says you’ll get a bit of everything here. It’s just me being me. I’m vocal, a bit eccentric and very “odd”. Take a minute, get to know her and bask in the world that is my crazy life!!!

Austin in Peru and Chasing God – Both blogs are authored by young men from my church. They left this week for a two month trip to Peru. They will be leading worship, going to villages that have never heard about God, and leading Bible studies.

Family Travel...See the World With Your Kids – No, this isn’t a Georgia based blog, but Shelia Scarborough recently contributed to the Georgia Carnival with a post regarding FDR and Warm Springs, Georgia. This is an interesting blog with lots of information regarding interesting places and travel advice. Make sure you check out the links to Shelia’s other writing spots as well.

Travel - Eat - Sleep - is a blog authored by Atlanta’s own Tushar Mathur. His about page explains this site aims to provide our readers with reviews of various restaurants, our experiences while traveling various airlines and staying in different hotels around the world. Tushar recently reviewed Stone Mountain for the Georgia Carnival, but his posts include other locations such as Maui and travel advice as well. He also authors Invest in India and Everything Finance.

Now Showing – is a blog authored by Paw Paw Bill and involves movie news regarding films that are captioned for the hearing impaired.

Never Clever Whatsoever – This blog author states I’m some random teenager who thought it was a good idea to start writing about random things in a blog. Believe me when I say the writing at this site is hardly random for a teen….He’s got some great and entertaining stuff over there.

Knitternall – Thanks to the Dunwoody North Civic Association for letting me know about this blog which is primarily about knitting, but check out this thought provoking post titled What If We Had to Stay Home?

Science on TV – At first glance you would think this blog isn’t a Georgia blog, but it is. The author, Shana, is based in Atlanta, and she is a self-confessed science geek. Science isn’t her only love…..she’s also into music. Check out her Carribbean Music TV, Jamaican Music TV, Puerto Rican Music TV, and Brazilian Music TV blogs. She’s also a freelance writer and a consulting epidemiologist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Whew! I thought I was busy!

Atlanta's Blah Girls – Sara explains this blog better than I can so in her words………I've been documenting this charming Blah Girl street art for over a year now and posting photos up on my personal blog Ashes and Glass. After a recent reflourishing of Blah Girl art around town, I decided she needed her own space to stretch her cute little arms and get cozy.

That’s it for now, but believe me there are many, many more Georgia blogs waiting in the wings. If you have contacted me in the past to request to be added to the blogroll please contact me at if I haven’t done it yet. Also, while I have quite list of additions I’ve discovered on my own, you do get bumped to the front of line if you email a request to me. :)


Cotter Pen said...

Thank you for taking note of my new blog listing captioned movies for the hearing impaired, statistically 10-percent of the population, about a million Georgians.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the info on my science blog as well as the other blogs that I write for. I sent your link in to my channel editor for the science blog so i'm sure that she'll be sending some links out to your page. Very nice. Thanks again

knitternall said...

Serendipity! Thanks to John Heneghan, I've discovered your peachy blog. Delighted to join the Georgia Blogroll. Knitternall

Unknown said...

Thanks again for this post! You've given my blog a boost in viewers! Hopefully, I can do the same for you! (I think it's very unlikely though.)

EHT said...

You all are very welcome. Linking us all together is one of the purposes for Georgia on My Mind. I enjoy meeting all of you online and seeing all of the different ways we use this very important medium.

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