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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Need a Favor...

This post will remain at the top for a few days. If you have seen it please scroll down for new content.

UPDATE: Apparently you can vote via a PollMonkey widget at a separate post that was created after the link I give below. You are allowed to vote once per day between now and May 26th from what I could gather at the site. Once you use the PollMonkey widget it deactivates it for your computer and shows you a tally of votes until 24 hours passes. Then you can vote again. Here’s the link:

Click here to vote for History Is Elementary for best education blog.

It’s a little confusing because the original posting said you could vote by leaving a comment. At any rate I’m very grateful for the folks who have taken the time to vote for me at Best of Blogs. Thank you!

I’ll admit other than asking for a submission or two for the carnival I don’t ask much from my fellow Georgia bloggers, but I’m going to this time.

The Best of Blogs has named History Is Elementary (that “other” place where I blog) as one of their nominated best blogs in the category of Education and Homeschooling.

Could you take a moment and think about voting for me? Of course, if you haven’t ever been over to History Is Elementary I would encourage you to check me out before voting…..there are nine other blogs nominated in the same category. :)

If you would like to vote for me you can visit the announcement page here. I believe all that is required to vote is to leave a comment stating that in the category of education and homeschooling you vote for History Is Elementary. Other categories including travel are listed on the post as well, so don’t let that throw you.

Thanks for helping me.

In other news the most recent Ga. Carnival can be read here, and I added a few more blogs to the blogroll here.


Cotter Pen said...

OK. This is easier. And last time I checked, you were way ahead.

EHT said...

Thanks for the update Paw Paw Bill. Your support and the support of many Georgia bloggers voting for me has blessed my heart so much.

Janice said...

Every vote counts, and you are getting mine! :D


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