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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Georgia Carnival: Edition 36

Welcome to the Georgia Blog Carnival. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend, and you are looking forward to a wonderful summer. I know I am!

Thank you so much for everyone’s cooperation and indulgence regarding the late posting of this particular carnival edition due to my travels. The next carnival will be hosted here
Georgia on My Mind on Friday, June 6th. Submissions will be due Thursday, June 5th.

If you maintain a Georgia blog and would like to host the carnival at your site e-mail me to set up a date. It’s a great way to put your own personal spin on the carnival.

The last edition of the Georgia carnival can be found
here, and the carnival archives are found here.

Now… on to the highlights of Georgia blogging during the past two weeks.

Please support these fine Georgia bloggers by letting them know you have visited them with a comment. Your continued support with your links and shout-outs at your site helps to alert others to what we Georgia bloggers have to offer:

Memorial Day

Is Memorial Day just a day off from work? A day just to have something on the grill, drink a little, and water ski? While that’s what many do… the day was set aside for much more.

Over at A SAHM's Journal Candace provides some background regarding Happy Memorial Day!

I just spent a long Memorial Day weekend in Washington D.C., and my experience at Arlington National Cemetery was the epitome of observing Memorial Day.

Religion and Spiritual Matters

From Provocative Church a post that makes you think…..Is God useful or beautiful?

If you have ever read the chapter of Luke in the New Testament then you have probably noticed Luke addresses someone named Theophilus. In my post, Theophilus, Most Honored Theophilus, at Got Bible I examine who Theophilus might be and if he really matters.

Georgia History, Attractions, and Entertainment

Sheila Scarborough presents Swim in FDR's Little White House pool posted at Family Travel: See The World With Your Kids, saying, "A neat opportunity in summer 2008 to swim in FDR's famous therapeutic pool at the Warm Springs, Georgia "Little White House."" Wow, how neat is that!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Stone Mountain. After reading Stone Mountain Park: Review posted at Travel-Eat-Sleep by Tushar Mathur I have to admit the Stone Mountain I remember from my childhood no longer exists. Guess I need to go, huh?

Paw Paw Bill provides more current movie choices with captions for those that need them in his post Caveat Empty posted at Now Showing.

Have you been out to a really great restaurant lately? In case you missed it here at Georgia on My Mind here is my review of Stoney River Steaks.

InDecatur provides some great video from the recent Decatur Arts Festival.

Major Issues and Politics

Does America have a death wish? Freddie Sirmans, Sr. provides survival basics and The First Law of Survival is Protect Your Own.

Paw Paw Bill’s inspiration for this post…. May I Play Through, Por Favor? posted at Paw Paw Bill involved a bit of an Athen’s camp out and a few dealings with day laborers. Just how do you feel about a wall along the U.S. southern border?

Ethan presents Lake Lanier: Where Did It Go? posted at Never Clever Whatsoever......Who should enjoy the water of Lake Lanier? Georgians or the folks of Alabama and Florida?

InDecatur provides information regarding proposed plans for renovating Decatur Cemetary presented at Decatur's City Hall the other night.

Literature and Writing

John Ottinger presents Human, Understand Thyself: An Interview with Scott Mackay posted at Grasping For The Wind.

Georgia Wild Weather and Other Posts of Nature

Cousin Pat from Georgia presents Island City Survives posted at Hurricane Radio, saying, "I grew up on St Simons Island and my parents and plenty of family friends still live there. On May 11th, they too got a taste of the Mother's Day Tornadoes, and my Mom, Wendy, went out and got pictures. This post is based around the pictures and some of the stories I heard from being on the phone all that day to Coastal Georgia."

Angela over Georgia Photos shares Photographic Evidence - Golf Ball-sized Hail!

Tony Gibbs presents The Waders Return posted at Birds and Things.


How do you feel about charter schools? The Oconee Democrat presents Charter school needed for Oconee's future posted at Oconee County, Georgia Politics - Recreation, News, Art, Music, Culture, Sports and More, saying, "Lots of Oconee County residents have been wondering about how Charter School may change our excellent local school system. Rumors and innuendo have been the only source of speculation for a while, and this is attempt to stem the racial and religious reaction against both the proposed charter school and the school system with the status quo in Oconee County, Georgia"

Over at History Is Elementary I examine the month of May….It is the best of is the worst of times. Well, I'm just glad May is almost over. :)

All Things Financial

Tushar Mathur presents Find the right Fund Manager and Free Magazine: Global Finance posted at Invest In India and over at Everything Finance he presents Who makes the Tough Money Decisions ? and Ways to Save money !!

The next edition of the carnival will be found at Georgia on My Mind on Friday, June 6th. Posts can be sent to or use the handy submission form. Submissions are due by Thursday, June 5th by 6:00 p.m.

Thanks for your continued support of the Georgia Carnival!


Cotter Pen said...

Great blogs. Thank you for including me.

Unknown said...

Thanks for putting my blog up. I'll be sure to submit more later! And I like all the other posts too! Keep up the good work.

EHT said...

Thanks guys. I feel bad about the late postings lately. I hope I can get back on track next time. :)

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