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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Georgia Bloggers: Lawyers and Legal Matters

The following list represents the Georgia’s Blogs on the blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind that are written by lawyers and discuss legal matters on a daily or regular basis.


Between a Laugh and a Tear

Facing the Sharks

Georgia Business and Family Law Blog

Georgia Law Blog

Georgia Law Blog-Jack Clay

Georgia Legislative Watch

Going Through the Motions

Do you know about Georgia blog that focuses on the practice of law or legal matter in general? Please contact me at to let me know, or to advise any corrections that need to be made.


Shark Girl said...

I just wanted to clarify that Facing The Sharks is not written by a lawyer. It's written by a pro se litigant.

Very cool page for legal issues. Now I have some more legal blogs I can visit.

Thank you for the links!

EHT said...

Yes,Shark Girl. A clarification is in order regarding your situation. Thanks for the comment.

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