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Friday, April 18, 2008

That Special Pew

There are very few congregations in Georgia that can claim a President of the United States worshipped within their church walls on a semi-regular basis due to the large number of churches that abound in our country.

One congregation in Georgia had this priviledge, and I’m NOT referring to President Jimmy Carter’s church in Plains, Georgia. The congregation I’m thinking of attends Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church located in Georgia’s second oldest city---Augusta, Georgia.

Now I’m one of “those” Baptist who pick out a place to sit and unless someone gets there before me then you can find me in the middle set of pews, third row, on the left every Sunday. So, I wonder who sits on the left-hand side of Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church today?

If you are sitting in the sixth row because that’s “your” place, then you are sitting in the same pew as the Eisenhower family when they would visit the church during Ike’s golf trips to Augusta National.

The church website advises President Eisenhower laid the cornerstone for their new building in 1954. From the website: The Redemption Window (pictured here) under the balcony is dedicated to the late President and a plaque in his memory indicates Ike’s favorite spot to sit when attending services.

Want to follow more of the story? I’ve written about the background of the property before Augusta National over at History Is Elementary, and I’ve posted about Ike’s own experiences with the Masters course including information regarding the Eisenhower cabin and tree at American Presidents.

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