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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Additions and Some Thoughts on Blogging

It’s been awhile so I thought it was time to add a few more blogs to the blogroll.

I’ll be real honest here. I’m wondering if I’ll run out of room at some point in time. I’ve currently got around 50 to add and there’s more out there. It’s absolutely amazing how many Georgians are blogging online.

It’s even more surprising to me that out of all of the folks on the blogroll here at Georgia on My Mind I only know one blogger….and that’s because our children are “ in luv”, and we go to church together. :) Sure, I have comment conversations and email conversations with many of you, but face-to-face I’d be clueless if we were in the same room together.

That’s ok though….This is the 21st century afterall and though many make fun of bloggers this whole process has opened more doors for me than anything I’ve ever done. Through my posting here, at History Is Elementary, Got Bible, and American Presidents I have been highlighted in USA Today, mentioned in several local papers, spoken with published authors, television commentators, and journalist online. I’ve met teachers all across our nation and discovered many of my problems are theirs as well. I’ve discussed historical issues through emails with a few notable published historians and professors. It boggles my mind that most of them only know me by the name “Elementaryhistoryteacher.”

What access! What possibilities! It’s simply amazing!

Look over these additions to my blogroll….you might find just the blog you need:

Zinnia Art Studio – Art, ideas, and inspiration….’Nuff said.

Buster's War – this blog represents a real trend I’m seeing where individuals and families blog family history with pictures and diary or narrative text. This blog follows the World War II experience of Norman Ward Allday.

Thirteen Eleven – I got every excited when I was contacted by Jenni, this blog’s owner (she is also connected to the first and second blogs in this list). I got excited because I grew up in a craftsman style home and the image at the top of her sidebar resembles “my” house. Follow Jenni along on a journey to restore her home.

Dekalb Officers Speak –I found this site through the Dunwoody North Civic Association
blog. I think this is a wonderful way for officers to inform the public concerning issues surrounding their profession. In fact the tagline at the blog states, “This blog page was established so DeKalb County Police Officers including their family and friends may have a place to hold discussions, post news and vent without fear of retribution.”

Bill Shipp Online – What Georgian isn’t familiar with Bill Shipp’s columns? The welcome page at his site states, “Thousands of Georgians regularly read my column twice weekly in their local paper and online, but I've set up this site to offer a more in-depth and faster-responding venue for the quick-paced action that is Georgia politics.” Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Shipp! Hat Tip for this link goes to Paw Paw Bill, our current host for the Georgia Blog Carnival.

Georgia Federation of Democratic Women Grapevine – the tagline states an information site to help spread the word about the activities of Democratic Women and Democratic Candidates.

Mostly Media – SpaceyG’s new hang out where Atlanta talks about the media.

Georgia –a little history….a little about current events….all in all an intersting read, so far. I can’t wait for more.

Cries of the Heart – thoughts on life, worship, and whatever else comes up from Paul Joseph, a pastor from Dalton, Georgia.

Savannah Garden Diary – on the “about” page this blogger writes, “It occurs to me that in this day of digital photos, it makes much more sense to write a garden journal online than in a tatty notebook dripping with photographs, seed packets, and scrawled designs for strange garden structures.” The best part…..we all get to share in the process of watching the dirary grow.

Howell Mill Hell – documenting traffic conditions in the NW corridor….this is a neat (I’m dating myself with my language) idea from Spacey G. Anyone can become a contributor and post their blog entries at the site if they have knowledge of the area. Find out more information about contributing here.

That’s it for now. Make sure you notice the left sidebar where I’m continuing the process of categorizing Georgia blogs. It’s slow go, but the project will continue. :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice web site. Thanks for including Savannah Garden Diary. I shall keep coming back for more of what's happening in Georgia.

Jen said...

Thank you for the links,and mention in the post. I am working on updating my links as well.

I worked near Howell Mill for years. So that site hits home.

Also love the Savannah site. Still need to check out the rest.

EHT said...

I'm glad you both visited and I look forward to visiting your sites as well.

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