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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh Those Llamas!

I have this thing about llamas. I’ve always thought they are interesting animals since I was little girl. Perhaps it is because they remind me of the Push Me-Pull Me of Dr. Dootlittle fame. I loved the Push Me-Pull Me….so much so that my mother bought me a necklace from Rich’s with a Push Me-Pull Me charm. I still have it in a jewelry box somewhere.

Perhaps I’ll retire someday to North Georgia and raise me a bunch of llamas. Dear Hubby doesn’t seem to be enthused about it, but you never know where life might take you, and I can’t forget that the llamas that live down the road provided Dear Hubby with an early warning of dangerous weather on the day of the tornados.

If you were on I-285 yesterday around 2:30 p.m.near Northside Drive and were wondering why traffic might have slowed the cause was a pair of llamas. Seems the llamas suddenly found themselves loose in traffic, and they did what any intelligent llama would do….they began to run after their trailer.

The entire AJC article can be read here.

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