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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celebratin' at Stoney River

Let me set the scene for you…..My family and I were doing the over the river and through the woods thing heading to my mother-in-law’s for Mother’s Day when suddenly I was struck with the realization that my birthday was just around the corner….Last Sunday was the big day for moms everywhere, but May 13th would be the big day for me, and all the other babies born that day.

There we were…one dad, one mom, one son, and one daughter enjoying the sunshine after the early morning Mother’s Day storms talking and laughing our way down the road when I suddenly interrupted the revelry with an exclamation of, “Oh crap!”

Dear Hubby nearly ran off the road thinking we were about to experience a semi plowing into us, or perhaps I had spotted a Georgia State Patrol car he had overlooked. “What?!? What?!? What?!?,” he asked over and over.

Very slowly and in a quiet voice I said, “I just realized I’m going to be 46….there’s nowhere to go now but sliding on down to the muck and mire of 50. Oh my gosh! I’m going to be 50 in four years!

By the time we arrived at my in-laws I had worked myself in such a state of despair that the kids had to help me into the house. Dear Hubby brought me a cold compress, and I contemplated the rest of my life on the other side of the 50 year line.

So, what finally got me out of my funk and ready to face the rest of my nearly past 50 life?

Dear Hubby took me to Stoney River Legendary Steaks to celebrate my birth!

We decided to venture out of our part of town and hit a place we had never been. I left the plans up to Dear Hubby and as usual he did not let us down.

Stoney River Legendary Steaks located adjacent to Cumberland Mall looked interesting from the outside….once inside it was just as their website says, “The relaxing ambiance of a first-class mountain lodge.” Polished concrete floors, an interesting bar area separated from the rest of the dining room by a large double-sided fireplace, intimate booths and chairs covered in dark leather, and and open kitchen area across the back of the dining room all added to the atmosphere.

Our reservation was for eight o’clock, and when we arrived the dining room was rather full….always a good sign. The hostess took us right away to a table near the rear of the dining room close the kitchen. At first I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be that close to the kitchen,. and since the dining room was full it was a bit loud. Sara, our waitress, came right over, introduced herself, and took our drink order.

By the time my Martini arrived I had become accustomed to the buzz of conversations all around me and the occasional clank or crash from the kitchen. Perhaps it was the Lemondrop Martini that got me in tune with Stoney River’s atmosphere. The drink was a blend of citrus and sour with a ring of colored sugar around the glass and a lemon slice perched along the rim. I don’t normally order a cocktail, but afterall I don’t turn 46 everyday either. Prior to this I was Martini virgin…..I’m glad I decided to change that.

Sara quickly returned to advise us regarding the specials and to take our orders. Dear Hubby and Dear Daughter decided to share a crabcake…..unlike many establishments this crabcake was large enough to share. While I don’t particularly care for crabcakes I did taste the Lemon Caper Sauce the crabcake sat in. It was great.

For our salad course Dear Hubby chose the Head of Lettuce which was actually a third of a head sliced longways so it would lie flat. It was covered with bleu cheese, tomatoes, and bacon. Dear Daughter enjoyed the Ceasar Salad while I gratefully surrendered to an add-on salad to the night’s menu. It was Heaven sent…..Bibb lettuce with bleu cheese crumbles, sugared pecans, and thin slices of Granny Smith apples. It was wonderful.

For the main course we all had steak, of course. Pure perfection……the kind of steak that would make you slap your mamma! Dear Hubby and I both ordered Bernaise on the side with our steak. Bernaise Sauce holds a special place in our marriage as we ordered it for our wedding night dinner at Hugo’s (used to be located in the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta). Over the years we’ve become experts with Bernaise Sauce. For our sides….Dear Hubby had asparagus while I opted for the baked potato, of course.

We also enjoyed a glass of wine….I had the Shiraz while Dear Hubby savored the Kenwood Jack London Cabernet. Both were perfect pairings with our meal.

While the food was wonderful and the atmosphere interesting, it was the little details that make Stoney River Legendary Steaks so legendary. The way the food was presented, the glass wine decanters, and the impeccable service all made the evening so special.

Today marked the one week anniversary of our visit to Stoney River Legendary Steaks, and amazingly the folks at Stoney River are still serving us. In today’s mail we discovered a nice hand-written thank-you card from our expert server, Sara.

Wow! What a way to remember the beginning of my slow descent into the muck and mire of 50 and beyond.

If this is what it’s going to be like I’m ready to undertake the slide willingly.


Bill Reichart said...

Stoney River - very nice. Now I am hungry!

EHT said...

It was great! If you haven't tried it yet I strongly advise you high-tail-it over there for a steak.

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